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Conflicted Feelings
I just have these conflicted feelings
about this whole graduating business.
One one hand,
it's exciting and exhilarating.
And I just can't seem to wait
until I walk across that stage
and get handed that diploma.
My whole life
has been leading up
to this moment.
But then
this fear creeps up
and binds me down.
This fear that nothing will work out
and that I'm going nowhere.
My feelings are flip-flopping inside me.
And there's so much to think about
from the shoes to my hair to the dress.
And this pressure to look perfect
coming from society, my parents,
and, most importantly,
And I just want to have fun,
and live out my life.
I just have all these conflicting feelings
about this graduating business.
:iconcherry-blossom-haiku:Cherry-Blossom-Haiku 1 1
Destined- Prologue (New Version)
She walked the lonely road out of her town.  She took each step carefully, contemplating her next move. Slowly, she made her way into the distance, leaving the broken buildings behind her. Her legs were small, but as she walked they picked up speed, until she started to sprint. She struggled on keeping herself from sinking into the sand of the desert. Her tan skin was covered in sweat, even though the sun was setting above. As she stopped, her brown eyes looked around, brimming in tears, until they locked upon the town she had just left behind.  She looked back on the ghost town that fueled her anger and brought her hatred to a boil. Only a flash of regret went through her mind when she thought of all the bodies lying there, motionless, victims of her rage. The little girl smiled a crooked and evil smile.
She ignored the sand digging into the bottom of her feet. She tried to look past the pain of a thousand little knives cutting though her skin in order to
:iconcherry-blossom-haiku:Cherry-Blossom-Haiku 1 1
Tap Tap Tapping
Fingernails tap the wood
Tap after tap after tap
And she thinks
"I'm always waiting and no one ever comes"
Yet she sits there
On the park bench
Tap tap tapping her fingernails
On the cold wood
And the days past
And she sits
Then the months go by
And the years fly past
And she sits there
On the park bench
Tap tapping her fingernails
And she grows older
And frailer
Yet she sits there
Waiting still
With determination in her eyes
And fingernails tap tap tapping
On the cold wood
And she sits there
And thinks in her ancient mind
"I keep sitting here waiting
Yet no one stops to say hello
Or ask me why I'm waiting"
:iconcherry-blossom-haiku:Cherry-Blossom-Haiku 2 2
Darling I'm lonely
And darling I'm scared
And darling I need you
I'm not prepared
I am the jailbird
Locked in here tonight
Caged away from the world
Never to see the light
I am the blind one
You know I cannot see
My eyes are closed to the world
I don't know who to be
I am the jailbird
Tortured in my cell
Sitting here all alone
In my own personal hell
Darling I'm fading
And darling I'm lost
Darling please save me
My heart is covered in frost
I am the mute one
No one hears my cries
But if you see me here tonight
I'll give you all of my goodbyes
Darling I'm dying
There's no life left for me
I can feel myself growing cold
Nothing left here to save me
I was the jailbird
My hero was too late
Blind and mute, here I am
Drowned inside by my own hate
:iconcherry-blossom-haiku:Cherry-Blossom-Haiku 6 6
She has her fingers on the table
Tapping each one
Up and down
She does not know that she's doing it
Her mind is elsewhere
A sadder place then the
Tap tap tapping of fingers
Hitting wood
The menu has been put down
Her eyes burn looking at it
She's not ready to order
She just needs more time
So it lays there
On the table
Laying forlorn
As sad as her eyes
Her glass of coke stands empty
Only ice remains
Her fingers tap impatiently
The ice clatters
She does not hear the noise
She is too busy
Listening and
The hustle and bustle of traffic
Outside the window
She sits there
In the wooden chair
Back slumped
Not paying attention
To anything but
The heartbreak
And the traffic
That could bring him
To her
The waiter comes
But she's given up hope
She looks up at him
And pays for her coke
Her back straightens
From the wooden chair
And the tapping
And she walks away
And she finds herself
With all the hustle and bustle
Of honking cars
And fast paced people
:iconcherry-blossom-haiku:Cherry-Blossom-Haiku 3 4
The Ninth
June Motomiya sat alone on the ground alongside Heighton View Terrace. She ran her hands through the grass, facing the busy streets and the towering buildings. As people walked by, they stared at June, her eyes fastened to the scene before her, her hands brushing the long grass. June was fully oblivious to the bewildered looks she was getting. What did they matter to her? She was too busy trying to remember the events of the last seven years. Trying to figure out the exact events she had witnessed. Trying to figure out what exactly she did wrong.
June figured it all started when Davis was born, and that had been the moment when her destiny really started to begin. Her brother had been born sickly. Despite a surgery that had been performed after birth, Davis never fully recovered. He coughed all night, and ran high fevers. He hardly slept due to the coughing, and he never seemed to stop crying. It was really a bad time to be a Motomiya. During the times when it was particularly bad, Jun
:iconcherry-blossom-haiku:Cherry-Blossom-Haiku 1 6
it's what has been killing me
and what will remain.
there is no time to talk,
or to write,
or to do anything but think.
it's what I have to grow to expect.
what you,
as a reader,
as a friend,
must grow to expect.
there's only so many words that I can type,
or write,
or think.
I'm not sure how much longer
I can keep this up.
I'm not sure how much longer
I can live with this.
How much longer can I think of words,
if they have nothing to do with you.
:iconcherry-blossom-haiku:Cherry-Blossom-Haiku 1 5
Her Sinful Life
(Little black dress,
hair up in a bun.)

Knotted and
   Twisted and
         pinned so
painfully to the
  scalp of a girl
who lives in a world
       full of lust and
pain and
  no way to escape
from this
     artificial world
she has found herself
inhabiting with
  all of her young life's
(Sharp, black heels
a man on her arm.
There she goes
out the door.)
:iconcherry-blossom-haiku:Cherry-Blossom-Haiku 2 3
It Is That Feeling
It is that feeling
of being
   completely and
Irrevocably in love
that leaves me knowing
   that I am
sorrowfully and
  I don't know
   what I did
to push
   everyone away from me.
Because me,
  being in love
should not be a good reason
   to leave me alone
     in this
:iconcherry-blossom-haiku:Cherry-Blossom-Haiku 5 15
Falling Apart
When nothing goes right
Is when everything
Yes, even you
Falls apart
Even though
It is neither your intention
Nor your want
:iconcherry-blossom-haiku:Cherry-Blossom-Haiku 3 2
       H         A         T         E
                   is what
when     someone
                   has     messed
                        a thousand
:iconcherry-blossom-haiku:Cherry-Blossom-Haiku 2 6
I hate her
And the lies they tell her
Things I did not say
Or would ever say
Mostly I hate the lies
And how they've affected me
Made my life worse
Then it already was before
:iconcherry-blossom-haiku:Cherry-Blossom-Haiku 2 8
If you're expecting me
To suck up my pride
For this one day
You're wrong
Absolutely wrong

(You were the only person
To ever truly let me down)

I bought you a card
I even signed with "Love"
I bought you flowers
And baked you a cake
These small acts mean
Absolutely nothing
Especially not to me
Because you don't mean anything
Not to me like you want
(What did you ever do
To ever deserve this
wonderful treatment?
You gave me nothing)

You smiled
And said 'Thank You'
I stood there
And smiled back
I even let you
Plant a kiss on my cheek
I only did it
Because it's Mother's Day
If it had been
Any other day
You would have gotten the
Usual treatment
That I'm used to giving
(I realize now
I was always your favorite child
You let my sister
My older sister
Know of this
You made her suffer
And she will never forgive me)

You told me that you love me
A phrase you only say to me
On special occasions
Or when I'm back
To be being the golden child
That you always wanted
:iconcherry-blossom-haiku:Cherry-Blossom-Haiku 1 2
You never wanted to hear that
So don't pretend you did
I crossed the line, I crossed the line
And let my walls cave in
I told you something that went too far
Although I felt it fair
Why should I listen to your stories
When mine should not be shared?
You wonder why I look lost all the time
And keep my feelings inside
I'll have you know, I'll have you know
I'd rather run and hide
From people like you and everyone else
Who make me feel so trusted
I'm only there to listen now
And now my heart's all busted
Sometimes i feel more like a therapist
Than I do a friend
It caused a mental overload
Which is why I said what I said
:iconcherry-blossom-haiku:Cherry-Blossom-Haiku 3 2
I'm Sorry
That I can't help you more
I'm sorry
That you don't know who you are
I'm sorry
That you live life constantly afraid
But you gotta know
That I'm here to help
But you gotta know
That it all gets better
You'll hold your head up high
And you'll know who you are
:iconcherry-blossom-haiku:Cherry-Blossom-Haiku 2 4
Why does everything get confusing
As soon as I start to make sense of life
We were friends before
We're friends now
But now you're looking at me
Like I'm more than your friend
That scares me
Even though I'm willing and able
Ready to welcome your love
:iconcherry-blossom-haiku:Cherry-Blossom-Haiku 0 2


Gift : Bronies by SerenEvy Gift : Bronies :iconserenevy:SerenEvy 97 91 Hello Sweetie by dragonnova Hello Sweetie :icondragonnova:dragonnova 137 51
Disturbing the Classroom
What do you need?
Every one needs something.
Is it something?
Or , maybe some one?
You probably haven't found them yet.
You just have to be patient.
Because if you're not patient, you'll just grab any one that walks by.
And things wont really work out.
Then when the right one does come along, and you haven't been patient, they'll start to drift away.
The more time you spend with the wrong people, the more time you loose with the right ones.
If you're going to end your life why not have some fun?
You survived it didn't you?
Up till now.
You survived.
So, why not have some fun before you end it?
Don't you think you deserve it?
I've always thought of it this way, If people hurt you,
Don't hurt them back.
Because thats your time you'll be using to do so.
Why just not forget it and move on?
If you dwell in those thoughts you'll drown yourself.
And that would be counter productive wouldn't it?
Letting the person who hurt you hurt you even more.
So, I ask you.
What do you need?
Some one to li
:iconthestudyofyou:thestudyofyou 2 0
A Visit From Pokey by CrazyKirlia A Visit From Pokey :iconcrazykirlia:CrazyKirlia 30 10 Jump On the Meme Train by CrazyKirlia Jump On the Meme Train :iconcrazykirlia:CrazyKirlia 337 129
Remember Me
when the dark tiptoes in, and you stand
on the brink of something unthink-
yet there.
when you stand on a pedestal, stretch-
ing your hands for something up
right there.
when the world burns and crashes,
or if it decides to stay for another day.
when the boat you're in dips precariously,
or if you decide to throw yourself overboard.
when the sad song plays on a loop,
or if you decide that it's not a sad song at all.
when you're older, but not too old.
when you have enough years under you to say,
"I can look back."
when all this has come to past
and more,
please, remember me.
remember not what we've lost,
but what is left.
remember not that I'm no longer there,
but that I was there
once, in your memory.
for when I'm gone,
and when you leave,
all that's left of me in you is a memory,
a mere fragment of the real me.
and when you're gone,
and when I leave,
all that's left of you in me is a memory,
a beautiful piece of the real you.
and that's all we have left.
a small piece th
:iconfreakofnature00:freakofnature00 8 12
Running Away
They say that it's cowardly to just run away
They say I'm not brave enough to face the light of day
They ridicule me for choosing not to fight
They laugh as they watch the helpless take flight
But I'm not too afraid to admit I'm afraid
And I'm not going to wait for one to come to my aid
I could wait forever for something that's not gonna come
I would rather take control, even if i have to run.
Fight or flight? i don't want a war.
I'm tired of fighting, i deserve more.
why not slip away? spread out my wings?
Strip the blindfold and gag and allow myself to sing?
To fight always, living fearfully
Seems more of a death than to run and be free
Like a bird I will flee in the dead of night.
                           I am done with the fight.
:iconcornycupcake:CornyCupcake 4 2
Mature content
With Death Emerging :iconangelic-penguin:angelic-penguin 3 1
Someplace Else, Honestly?
Character List
A - Female, early 20s
A is the daughter who is creative, confused, unstable, loves music; switches sporadically in mood in order to avoid reality and stay in an idealized past; wants B to go along with her various whims; grapples with acknowledging unpleasant realities
B - Male, mid-40s
B is the mental ideation/memory of a father, level-headed, playful, loves music; shifts to acommodate A's mood, but still retains his own unique essence and spontaneity; wants to push A towards the truth, but is often drawn into A's fantasy and plays games of his own; does not want to leave, as it means both his dismantlement and permanent alienation
(Lights up on a field of prickly-looking, grayish-green grass and a thick-trunked tree in the center of the stage.  There is a yellow knotted rope swing hanging from a high bough, and the trunk of the tree splits low to the ground so that it can be easily climbed.  Surrounding the tree is a wide circumference of gravelly s
:iconsame-side:Same-side 1 17
Seamus, Neville and Dean by anniehermypotter Seamus, Neville and Dean :iconanniehermypotter:anniehermypotter 104 17
Schizophrenia Gouged From Eyes
do you speak?    (withdraw the capacity, the ocean.)
          C  A  S  C  A  D  E
(it's a waterfall, drink up.)
I'm having more to say.  (and less to see.)
         GET   IT
(I'm talking.)
porcelain doll (who sew you together?)
          L   I   S   T   E   N
(the fabric's falling from your knee caps)
                              [he pulled the puzzle from my…
:iconemaciatedandepitaphs:EmaciatedandEpitaphs 35 23
nine reasons why you should
nine reasons why you should never love a poet:
we like to hear things like 'you're beautiful' and
'i'd die without you' but deep inside we always know
you don't mean it.
and it just tears us apart slowly, no matter how much
we love those poisonous lies.
and when you ask 'are you okay?', we're going to
answer with 'i'm fine'. and you'll hear that
even if our bones are shattering inside of us and
our hands are trembling from all the hurt that we go through.
because we play our music too-loud-to-bear so that,
when we're all alone,
it chases away the thoughts that come with the silence:
things that haunt our nightmares and reasons why
we don't like to be alive.
we leave too many s p a c e s between our letters because
that's how we feel. all a.l.o.n.e.
and maybe you'll change that for a little while, but
in the end, it's all the same.
and we can connect with books and movies and music be
:icon369dreamergirl:369dreamergirl 765 672
Dear Penpal
Thirty days ago, we began the relationship of penpals
I thought it was distinctly unfair to ask that of us
Because there are no stamps that go where you are
And you don't have any pen or paper to write on.
Still, it was better than nothing and for thirty days
We practiced trying to communicate with each other
I would tell you my stories before going to sleep
And I never heard you answer save for my dreams
I'll admit that for the first five or so days
I thought the whole thing was pointless
I was too sad and too lost and besides
Our post lady was always late
So how could she ever have reached you?
Then some days I would forget to cry
And I would smile and laugh and play
And then when I remembered, it all came back
And I felt guilty for not remembering your name.
After about fourteen days, things only got
A bit easier because it was busy
But when the empty shadows reached out to me
I remembered your name and I cried.
I tried to write you a story the other day
But I got lost after 'Onc
:icontanashai:Tanashai 12 19
holding my hands over the kettle
the skin on my fingertips peels back,
like dated wallpaper,
like flowers blooming.
they're burning from the inside out,
nails turning to varnish, turning to steam,
bones click-clacking their way out;
spreading like wildfire.
the whistling stops, and
and my fingers are just fingers,
ink stained, bitten nails.
sunlight streams across the kitchen,
my fingers warm and
slightly damp, i trace patterns on
steamed-up windows.
:iconwish-sticks:wish-sticks 224 136


I'm literally in tears right now. I thought I would be fine about this but I'm not. I'm not fucking fine with this.

My school is putting on Grease for our Musical and I love Grease. Like it's my favourite musical of all time. My dream role has always been Sandy, and since we're doing it at school I thought this could be my chance since I'm not planning on pursuing acting. I worked really hard on my audition, and apparently did a great job on it. I had shown her during Romeo and Juliet that I was a hard worker, willing to do anything that was asked of me and god dammit I was going to do a hell of a good job.

Unfortunately, one of the girls who was Juliet gets to be Sandy. Now I wouldn't be so angry about this if she hadn't already been a lead in two plays before this. Also, she has the wrong voice type for Sandy. She's mega talented and all and I love her to bits, but she's not Sandy. She's a favourite.

Same with our Danny, who's played by the guy who played Romeo. He's a favourite, so he got the role. He I can understand because he's our only grade 12 guy, but he's not badass enough for the role.

My drama teacher basically just ignored so much talent for the sake of her two favourites. Even my mom is pissed. And my mom doesn't give a fuck about me being in drama. Even she recognizes when something is so unjust and unfair.

And the worst thing for me that I have medium sized speaking role. And I'm not even a fucking pink lady. I'm the cheerleader. I don't even get to sing. And I'm a singer and it sucks.

I mean, at least it's better than the few lines I had in Romeo and Juliet. But still.

6 years if acting and what's come out of it? Minor roles and silent roles.

I don't know. It would be nice for once to be recognized for an actress. To be given some credit for what I've worked so hard to achieve.

14 years of singing lessons to never be given one solo? Bullshit. Unless I've been lied to my entire fucking life, I can sing.

You know what?
I just don't want to just be the girl who plays the flute anymore. But lately I'm beginning to think it's the only thing I'm good at anymore.
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